What transportation services are available from your company?

We provide ground transportation for Goods. We only work with companies capable of responsibly representing your brand. All drivers must be certified, healthy, and fully licensed and insured. We arrange for freight transportation from pick up to delivery. Our company’s niche is our diversity. We can handle most varieties of freight including non-hazardous materials, temperature-controlled freight, and oversized shipments, among others.

Are we insured and what’s covered?

  • Commercial General Liability 
  • Contingent Cargo 
  • Errors and omissions (E&O) 
  • Contingent Auto – (Vicarious auto liability and umbrella)


Do you service my industry?

Yes. Our professional logistics team is proud to work with companies both large and small. We can provide you with scheduled service or a one-off shipment. We provide online access so you can track your shipments in real-time.  Some of the companies we service include mechanical, industrial, trade show transportation, produce, food and beverage, aerospace and defense industry, plastic, automotive, pharmaceutical, sensitive deliveries, white-glove transportation.

What is the service area of your company?

We service the United States of America.

Will using a TWI save my business money?

Absolutely! With OUR focus on technology, we are experts in the logistics industry, widely recognized as being capable of reliably handling any size job. We can transport your freight at a fair market price and remove the burden of supply chain logistics from your company’s personnel. We partner with you and maintain a relationship based on trust and communication – that also means we look for ways to save you money on your shipments.

Are there ever any hidden fees or disclaimers I should know about?

Any fees or disclaimers are clearly covered in our electronically transmitted documents, nothing hidden. You can rest assured that we will act as your advocates by explaining all aspects of the shipment process and answering all your questions up front and throughout the process. Transparency is the best policy when it comes to excellent customer service!


What is IOS and what does it do?

“IOS” is the acronym for our “One Intuitive Source” database/software program used for client relationship management, shipment tracking, and fulfillment of commitments to customers.

Please refer to our Technology/Experience/Compliance Listings.